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POPFlex Review


So many people are always asking me how certain pieces from the POPflex line fit. So I decided to do a blog post about it. I have most of the pieces spread across the various releases. In general the line is spectacular and is my go to for active wear. However, for my figure some pieces are better than others. I’ve gone through each of the pieces below in detail, but if you just want a quick look, I’ve summarized everything in a nifty table below

I’m a curvy girl, read big boobs and hips and a smaller waist. I’m also in Canada so I don’t really have the luxury to return items if they don’t fit because the cost to send them back is just WAY too much money. So for me every time I buy I’m rolling the dice.

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FREE POP Pilates Workshop!

That’s right! I will be offering a FREE POP Pilates workshop on December 14th, that’s a Wednesday, at 8:00 pm. This class is for anyone and everyone. I will be doing a full POP class, but the main reason I’m calling it a workshop is because I want people who have never taken a POP class, or even know what POP Pilates is all about to get a real introduction. Meaning I will be doing a full class, but with a more thorough preview of the moves and modifications in each set.

I know first hand how intimidating it can be to enter a class and you have no idea what you are doing. I want to avoid the: wait what do you want me to do? What pose, position, wait slow down!!!  moments. 

But even if you’re a season POP pro you will still have a blast, I mean it is POP after all! It’ll be a great chance to ask questions. So come one, come all! Make sure you register early as space is limited! 

WHEN: December 14, 2016 @ 8:00 pm
WHERE: The Physical Therapy Institute

Keep up to date on classes by going to my POP Pilates Page!


Outside running, too hot to handle.

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you but Ottawa is suffering through one heck of heat wave. Since I started this whole running thing back in March I have been exclusively running outdoors. But this week has been brutal. I usually go for morning runs around 5:30 when it’s nice and cool, even in the summer. But so far 5am is met with humidity at 80% and our temps feeling like 30┬░C+. I went on Tuesday, and I pretty much wanted to die. It was awful. I have set a goal to run at least 3x a week, so I think I might have to move these runs indoors. 

The hubs and I invested in a good quality treadmill a couple of years ago. We mostly used it for walking, which we love. When I first tried to “start running” last year I ran on it, but it was highly unsuccessful. But I am here now into a regular outdoor training and can comfortably run 5k. So, I think it’s time I give it another go. 

The first step is going to be figuring out what pace I need to set the treadmill at. Problem is the treadmill uses miles and us Canucks (as well as 99% of the rest of the world) are metric. So I decided to make myself a little conversion chart for myself and thought I might as well share it, to save all of you the math. 

So enjoy! (and hopefully so will I)


No Class: Sunday May 29th

This is just an announcement there will be no class this week. I am volunteering at Ottawa Race Weekend. Good luck to all those who are running! I’ll be the one with the water.

Free POP Downloads!!!

So, as I was doing my countdown I was getting a ton of compliments on the graphics. One thing I had also been doing for myself was making iPhone wallpapers. So, I decided to contact POP Pilates┬« and ask them if they’d mind if I opened my designs up to everyone as free downloads. So, here you go! These are 2 designs I’ve done so far. But don’t worry I’ll make more! 

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