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So many people are always asking me how certain pieces from the POPflex line fit. So I decided to do a blog post about it. I have most of the pieces spread across the various releases. In general the line is spectacular and is my go to for active wear. However, for my figure some pieces are better than others. I’ve gone through each of the pieces below in detail, but if you just want a quick look, I’ve summarized everything in a nifty table below

I’m a curvy girl, read big boobs and hips and a smaller waist. I’m also in Canada so I don’t really have the luxury to return items if they don’t fit because the cost to send them back is just WAY too much money. So for me every time I buy I’m rolling the dice.

So far there have been 3 lines in the POPflex family: Peony, Mermaid & Dark Bloom. Mostly this has to do with patterns, but the newest line’s fabrics and fit are quite different from the previous lines.

So let me start by giving you my measurements. This isn’t a brag or place for pity. They are mearly here to give you all an idea of how the clothing lines fit. These are MY measurements and couldn’t be happier with them. 

Height: 5’8″
Bust: 37.5″ 
Bra Size: 34E
Waist: 29.5″
Hips: 37.5″
Thigh: 22.5″


Now I’m starting with fabric, because it is pretty universal between the pieces. If it can be generalized I’ve done it here. That way rather than repeat myself each time I’ll just do it once, here.

The fabric is based on colour it seems. The Mermaid, Nightfall, Night, Cabernet, Passion, Navy, Periwinkle and Peony (I have nothing in Plum, so I’m not sure on the fabric there) pieces are all the same fabric. This fabric is wonderful. It’s this soft, matte fabric that is a dream to wear and touts all the benefits of a sport fabric, fade and stretch resistant, quick drying, etc. 

The Dark Bloom pattern, this has different fabric. At least in everything but the crop leggings and Run Shorts, because I don’t have those I can’t comment. It’s more shiny than the moss fabric of the other pieces, it actually feels a little more like swimsuit material. Don’t get me wrong I still love all the pieces and the Dark Bloom print is fabulous, but it does feel cheaper than the other fabric. 

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Pull on my Heartstrings Bra 1.0 & 2.0

So even though they have not marked the bras like this, I have because the old version of the bra (Peony line) fit WAY different than the latest run (Dark Bloom line). They are also a little different in how they were made. 

I have to say 2.0 version of this line was SUCH a disappointment to me. I had bought size 8 in both Navy/Peony and Passion in 1.0. These fit so well. I know Lululemon makes a similar style bra, but the cup on those are so small I cannot wear them. I mean don’t get me wrong, they weren’t perfect it’s really only good for yoga or other low impact activities, and if you go upside down there might be a little adjusting when you get right side up. But I never once had a nip slip incident. 

So there was obviously room for improvement, which is why I was SO excited that they said they were taking bigger boob sizes into consideration for the newest line. I figured they’d fit even better than before. I decided since it had the same name that I’d probably be the same size…WRONG! I bought the 8 in Cabernet, it is SOOOO small! When I put it on I heard practically every seam rip. Also, the cups have so much less coverage than they used too. I’m talking I have to “tuck myself in” so I don’t have nipple showing. Not to mention there is so much spillage over the top that I have 4 boobs instead of two when I put this on. Maybe if I sized up there would be more coverage? But I wasn’t willing to risk it. 

BOTTOM LINE: Be careful of your size selection, chances are the newer version are no good for us big busted ladies. Older version is only good for low impact activities, but are super cute on. 

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Zenith Zip

This is a new design in the Dark Bloom line. I bought the Shiny and Dark Bloom version in size 8. These bras are super cute. In general I am super happy with them. As far as high impact goes…eh. I mean I would do short burst of high impact like PIIT 28 (but that could be because I do that in the privacy of my home), but there is no way I’d go for a run in one. There is a lot of bounce. Also, another thing to keep in mind is your nipple is BARELY covered. I’ve jumped around a bit wearing it and I haven’t had it pop up yet but…and this may be too much information, I have very pale areola so that could be showing in the mesh area and I wouldn’t notice. But it is definitely something to keep in mind. Another thing, the zipper, while a super cute edition and practical, after a little bit it really starts to dig at the bottom. This could be because of the route the zipper take over my boobs. Meaning it curves a lot so rather than laying flat against the skin (like it would if you have smaller breasts) it’s at practically a 90° angle. 

BOTTOM LINE: I love this bra and hope more colours come out. Matches my general sizing rules. Not great for high impact, could be uncomfortable if worn for too long. 

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Curious Crop

Another new design in the Dark Bloom line. I bought size 8 in Dark Bloom. I LOVE this thing. It’s super comfy, fits great and, once on, has zero adjustments through my workout. This bra is great for yoga, I can do inversions with complete confidence that the ladies ain’t going nowhere. I even feel like I could do higher impact activities with it. Now, this feeling could be because it does flatten everything out a bit, but hey I’m used to that in a sports bra. It chokes you a bit when you’re putting it on, but once you’ve made all your adjustments it’s fine and stays that way until you’re done.

BOTTOM LINE: Great bra for a range of activities, super cute, but difficult to get on and off. Matches my general sizing rules.

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Set the Bar Bra

When this bra first came out I was like wow a high impact bra that’s actually cute. Well, my dreams were quickly dashed with this one. I bought a size 8 in Mermaid. The reason I could wear it for high impact activities is because it’s so tight it feels like my boobs are coming out my back. The band under the breasts isn’t tight, it’s just the actual cup coverage. Meaning that sizing up wouldn’t help. I get severe spillage under the arm and a little out the top. However, the fit isn’t so bad that I wouldn’t wear it outside. I just couldn’t wear it for very long because its to terribly comfy.

BOTTOM LINE: Meh, if you have a larger chest size, I’d just give it a pass, there are better options.

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Criss Cross Crop

I definitely have a love hate relationship with this bra. I bought size 8 in Mermaid. It fits…ok. It’s super comfy, but medium to low impact activities only. Basically the biggest downfall for this top is the “cup size”. The boobs just don’t fit in the boob area. They are either spilling over the top or are going below the bottom line. There is enough coverage that I don’t have to worry about anything slipping out, but I do tend to look like Im bursting out of this thing. Don’t care, I still wear it.

BOTTOM LINE: I love this bra, but the fit isn’t great. But it’s super cute and comfy.

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Pop Shorts 2.0

Now let me start this by saying I have a pair of the 1.0. They fit the EXACT same as 2.0…they’re just shorter. Too short for me.

I have these in size 6 in Dark Bloom, Nightfall, and Mermaid, and I plan on getting more. I love these shorts. The pocket is so awesome and they are PERFECT for running in the summer. Now that being said I have no thigh gap…nor will I ever have one. Because of this they ride up in the middle. But this is not a design flaw, this is because every pair of shorts I have ever owned whether they are super short or knee length ride up. Period. Other than that they are a dream. The waist band is super high and doesn’t dig in at all. Honestly I wish the leggings had the same waist band. They never fall down or roll over.

BOTTOM LINE: These shorts rock. Get them. Fit is perfect. Great for any and all activities.

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Adventure Zip Leggings

Adventure indeed. At least the sizing sure has been. Now it might be better to first inform you that I have previously bought leggings in both size 4 & 6 in other styles, and as mentioned above I am a consistent size 6 in the shorts. These, well…

I have these in size 6 in Night and size 8 in Cabernet. Why two different sizes? I first bought the Night. I bought these in 6 because the 4 in pointe were a wee bit on the tight side, so I figured I’d go up one. Well, they were WAY too small. I mean I can still wear them, but only with a loose top, cause I’ve got a baker’s dozen under there. Meaning, muffin top, big time! So when the Cabernet version came out I went up a size. It’s still a little tight, but fit the about same as the size 4 in the Pointe leggings. 

Overall, I really like the style of the leggings, they are cute on, and I’m obsessed with pockets in my leggings. I actually didn’t buy the Highness Leggings at first because of the lack of Pockets, lol. They do fall/roll down a little bit when I’m exercising, but not so much that I mind. The length is good for someone of my height. They do not have a really high waist, but they are not low rise by any means. Also they have a seam around the top of the waist which causes it to dig more than the shorts.

BOTTOM LINE: The size 8 in these fit the same as a size 4 in Pointe, so adjust your size accordingly. Great leggings, but really any leggings with pockets are a win. 

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Pointe Leggings

I have these leggings in Nightfall in size 4. These leggings are cute, but they are not my favourite. I find while they fit pretty well overall, the waist is a wee bit tight, and I kinda feel like my calves are going through a play-doh fat factory. If I pull them down it’s not a bad but as I have long legs so they don’t rest around my ankles like I think they are supposed to. I think if I were to go up a size they would be too big in places like my knees and crotch. This is why I only have the one pair.

BOTTOM LINE: If you have smaller or really lean calves you will probably love these leggings, but for me I’m glad to only have the one pair. 

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Draw the Line Leggings

I love these leggings. This style is probably one, if not my favourite of all. I have them in size 6 in Navy/Peony and size 4 in Mermaid. I have to say I was disappointed when they didn’t do this style in the new line. This design fits me best. The pockets are awesome, the drawstring keeps these leggings up even through a long run, and I love how long the legs are. I can even pull them over my heels when I’m doing yoga. Size 4 is definitely the best. I found that the size 6 were way too loose around the knees and even in the waist a little. The only downside with the drawstring is if you were a tight shirt you have a weird lump on your belly where the strings are. 

BOTTOM LINE: Might be my favourite style. Great for running. Size runs large compared to other styles. 

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Victorious Tank

I love this top. I first bought it in size 8 in Night and I loved it so much I immediately purchased the same size in Snow. The fit is loose but still flattering, there is also enough fabric that I can tie the bottom and still have it fit really well. It’s super cute with all the bras. The fabric is so soft and comfy. Really I can’t say enough good things about these tops.

BOTTOM LINE: Buy them!

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Goddess Top

I have this in a size 8 in Periwinkle. For me this style fits really well. Depending on your breast shape you may have problems with it spilling out the side but for me it fits great. I wouldn’t do anything too high impact but thats only because of jiggle. I don’t see anything falling out anywhere. The top half of the top is that great moss fabric she uses everywhere in most of her items. The bottom part is a kind of non-seethrough mesh. Not as soft but still a great performance fabric. I love this top so much I often wear it with jeans for day-to-day. I would have bought others but I wasn’t crazy about the other colour options. I wish she had done a solid black one, or at least one without the band of colour around the waist. 

BOTTOM LINE: Great top, sizing was pretty consistent with the Peony line of bras. Good for working out or for day-to-day

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Siren Top

I so wanted to love this top. I got the size 8 in Nightfall. But it was a huge disappointment. I wear it, but not a lot. It’s really tight and uncomfortable, and it’s really not flattering. I thought it would be cut like the goddess top but it’s not. The neck hole is too small and the armpits are cut too high. If you have small delicate shoulders or smaller boobs you probably love it. But for us bigger busted gals with linebacker shoulders it don’t work too well. 

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re more slight on top you will probably like it, however if you have bigger shoulders or boobs, I’d give it a pass. There are better options.

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Swan Tank

Another top I had high hopes for. I bought this in size 8 in Nightfall. I definitely wear this more than the Siren, and it’s gotten better with more wears, but it is not my go to. Don’t get me wrong this is a super cute top and once it loosens up a bit is really flattering. It’s that same mesh material the bottom of the Goddess top is made of. The problem with this top lies with the band that goes around the neck and back. It’s really tight. When I was first wearing it it was not very flattering, I don’t have back fat, but this top made me look like I did. A different size wouldn’t have helped. Be warn it’s really low cut in the from, but if you have a cute bra to show off this is a plus.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s a cute top but be prepared to wear down the band a bit so that it isn’t as tight. And be prepared to show some cleavage.

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Queen’s Coat

This jacket is so beautiful, I don’t know if I have the words. I bought this in size 8. I was really hesitant at first because even though I love peplum, the waist never seems to hit me in the right place. So I was worried it was going to be the same. But I just decided to buy it and I’m glad I did. The fabric is so soft and the print is really beautiful. Shorter gals would have more fun with this coat, because one of the best features is flipping the cuffs up to reveal the print. Unfortunately, my arms are too long for that. But with the cuffs down it’s still cute and the sleeves are a perfect length. The waist is a smidgen high, but not so much that it bothers me or looks unflattering. There is also enough stretch in the fabric that it zips up all the way, no problem. I’m just waiting for it to get warmer so that I can wear it! Currently it’s -40°C.

BOTTOM LINE: Great coat even for us bigger busted ladies. 

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Enchanted Shrug

I have to say when I first saw these I was like are you kidding me? Those are so stupid. Well, I sure am eating my words. After seeing so many gals with it and it looking so cute. I decided to buy one and I’m glad I did. It’s super practical and comfy. I bought a size 8 in Night. The arms are loose but not in a bad way. The fabric is similar to that mesh fabric of the swan tank (if not the same). I only wish there were more low cut tanks (like the one Cassey always seems to be wearing with the shrug), as I’m not too comfy walking around with a bare belly. 

BOTTOM LINE: A great piece and a handy addition to your workout wardrobe.

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Fairytale Long Sleeve

This top is hard. I’m not sure if I got a defective one or if other’s have been having the same problem as me. I bought this in a size 8 and it fits really well. It’s so cute, and I get tons of compliments when I wear it. The size 8 is loose fitting, but I like it that way. The fabric is like nothing else in the line, so it’s hard to describe. It is super soft though. 

Now on to my problem. After a couple of wears, I was wearing it one day and noticed tiny little black hairs, almost like dog or cat hairs in the mesh. My first thought was wow, I need to clean this, or how did that happen (since I don’t have a cat or dog). Turns out, it was the mesh. The tiny little hairs were broken elastic. I have no idea how this happened because I washed it in cold water, delicate cycle, and hung to dry. I also have no idea why they were brown/black. As such these “hairs” aren’t going anywhere so if I wear it, it looks like I have very hairy arms or that I don’t know how to wash my clothes. Now Popflex was great and refunded me my money. They would have taken it back and exchanged it for me, but the cost to send it back was too much. 

BOTTOM LINE: Great top, but there is a chance that the mesh will break. 

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