Well, I don’t know about the rest of you but Ottawa is suffering through one heck of heat wave. Since I started this whole running thing back in March I have been exclusively running outdoors. But this week has been brutal. I usually go for morning runs around 5:30 when it’s nice and cool, even in the summer. But so far 5am is met with humidity at 80% and our temps feeling like 30°C+. I went on Tuesday, and I pretty much wanted to die. It was awful. I have set a goal to run at least 3x a week, so I think I might have to move these runs indoors. 

The hubs and I invested in a good quality treadmill a couple of years ago. We mostly used it for walking, which we love. When I first tried to “start running” last year I ran on it, but it was highly unsuccessful. But I am here now into a regular outdoor training and can comfortably run 5k. So, I think it’s time I give it another go. 

The first step is going to be figuring out what pace I need to set the treadmill at. Problem is the treadmill uses miles and us Canucks (as well as 99% of the rest of the world) are metric. So I decided to make myself a little conversion chart for myself and thought I might as well share it, to save all of you the math. 

So enjoy! (and hopefully so will I)