Month: March 2016

PIIT 28 1.0 Review

So for the last month I have been doing Blogilates’ PIIT28. I’ve had my highs and lows, but I wanted to give my honest opinion of this program. While I am a certified POP Pilates® Instructor I have not in any way been paid or compensated for this review. I paid for the program out of my own wallet.

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So if you follow me on instagram you’ve probably noticed I like my challenges. I like challenges because they help keep me moving and engaged. I try to never do more than two at a time cause that’s when I tend to run into trouble. If you miss one day you’re suddenly spamming your feed. 

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Sweet Omelette

When I first heard the idea of a sweet omelette I kind of cringed at the idea. But really why should I? Eggs are traditionally a savoury dish, but they are a staple in 95% of sweet baking! So I figured I give it a whirl, and you know what? It was delicious!!!

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There’s a New Instructor in Town!

That’s right! It’s official, I am a certified POP Pilates™ Instructor. Apparently I was the first person certified under PPOW, the new international certification program! 

It was super challenging and stressful but now that I’m certified I can’t wait to start teaching. Currently, I’m looking for teaching gigs in Ottawa so stay tuned! 


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