Month: December 2015

Overnight Chocolate Chia Mousse

It’s funny what can spring up from, well I don’t want to go grocery shopping, what can I make with stuff I already have? That is how this recipe was born. I noticed I had a ton of chia seeds in my cupboard and I keep pinning chia pudding recipes. So I thought how about I try one of those now. Problem was when I looked in the fridge, no milk. However, I did have plenty of plain yogurt, so it was time to do some experimenting!

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I was duped!

So part of what I want to accomplish here is spreading the word about places to eat clean around my city (Ottawa). Unfortunately, my first attempt at this failed. But I figured, telling people about places that might seem clean, but well, aren’t, might also be helpful.

Farm Team Cookhouse: The Glebe

I knew my husband and I would be heading to a movie on the weekend and we had wanted to stop for lunch on route. We had always passed by this place and when I checked online they toted claims of being fresh, whole, local. While some of their products were clean, free-range eggs, local breads, pretty much everything else was not.

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